Volume Eyelash Extension Training March 29

Volume Eyelash Extensions Training

Volume Lash Training

For Experienced and Certified Extensionists.

Volume Eyelash Extension Training

This New technique is taking the Eyelash Extension Industry by storm.

In this workshop you will learn the techniques of volume eyelash extensions.

  • Increase the volume look by increasing the number of extensions used. With classic extensions, an extensionist is limited to the number of natural lashes a client has. With  just 2D Volume Upgrade Lashes an extensionist can lash 100 natural lashes and the client will walk out with 200 lash extensions per eye. For the 3D Volume Upgrade there will be 300 extensions per eye and so on.
  • Create density without obstructing the natural lash growth cycle by carefully isolating and attaching multiple extensions to a single eyelash.
  • To create lush full looks on clients who don’t have enough natural lashes –you can Double (2D), Triple (3D), and so on, the amount of lashes!
  • To Further your skill and bring the latest techniques into your practice.  Be one of the early adopters, separate yourself from all the other extensionists out there.