If you are an entrepreneur in the beauty industry, continued education & Staying up-to-date with current policies and procedures is crucial. Having liability insurance is an absolute must as well. Unfortunately, accidents happen, it’s part of life. Give yourself the gift of knowing you’re protected with comprehensive liability insurance that will be there when you need it.

*So where can you find insurance that is tailored to Lashers?

*And where can you sharpen your skills with continued education opportunities?

Minkys has done the work for you.

We have recently joined forces with ASCP (Associated Skin Care Professionals)

They are one of the largest Companys that insure lash artist; They not only provide liability insurance, but they also encourage continued education with 100+ on-demand webinars and have exclusive discounts on beauty products to

cell phone service, and scheduling software. They also own the publication for “Skin Deep” Magazine. 

We have been advocates of  ASCP  for some time and are thrilled to work alongside them.

We at MINKYS feel honored to be a leader in the lash industry since 2005 and believe in the importance of protecting yourself with good insurance. Despite good decision-making accidents still, happen.

If you are an ASCP member, you qualify for exclusive discounts at Minkys. Type  “Minkys” in the search bar on ASCP’S website to find discounts.  If you are already a certified lash artist and new to Minkys, receive 20% off your first order.

If you are looking to become a trained Lash Artist, please visit  minkys.com  for detailed requirements and to find a lash training workshop near you.