Amelia Meneses, Co-Founder and President, of Extend Your Lashes, LLC & Minkys is a licensed and certified extensionist with years of experience.

In 2005, Amelia Meneses and Israel Meneses launched Extend Your Lashes, LLC in order to create A Whole New Way To Lash.

Israel Meneses, Co-Founder and CEO, works directly with their manufacturers to ensure that each lash, each bonding product and each piece of equipment used in the application process meets the unique needs of an eyelash extensionist. Additionally, Amelia and Israel have streamlined the application process, and the Minkys Hands-On Workshops.


Our Mission Statement: Minkys Mission is to ensure the long term health and safety of the eyelash extension industry. We are committed to working with extensionists who have been certified through our Hands-On Workshops, and if they lack this vital experience, then we will provide them with the opportunity to do so.