How to give without going broke

How to give without going broke.
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
December is a month full of gift shopping, entertaining, celebrating family traditions, and helping those in need.
We at Minkys, have made it a goal, to show our gratitude for all that we have by pursuing
opportunities to give generously, make others feel appreciated, and create an atmosphere of boundless optimism.
 We do this by providing Giveaways like THIS ONE .

This inspiring outlook begins from the top down.
Through her selflessness, and desire to lift others, Minkys Co-founder and president, Amelia Meneses
exemplifies every characteristic it takes to create an optimistic atmosphere, not only among her employees, but in life.  Because of her humble nature, it took some convincing and a little arm-twisting for Amelia to share just a small
portion of what she does to help create an atmosphere of optimism, and love. Her answer is very simple… She looks for opportunities to give!
Amelia has teamed up with the Thomi foundation, a foundation that helps assist
overburdened single parents by providing everything from housing to job opportunities. Amelia has
provided eyelash extensions training courses to help single parents who are licensed estheticians or cosmetologists
looking to improve their education and skill set. She quietly donates her time and talents for free.
Nicole Jackman, a single mother, doing what she loves. Eyelashes!

Nicole Jackman, a single mother and Certified Eyelash Extensionist

 Nicole Jackman, a single mother and Certified Eyelash Extensionist, is a
beneficiary of Amelia’s selflessness. Nicole grabbed hold of the opportunity to further her skill set.
With hard work, and a little grit Nicole is thriving and accomplishing her dreams.
Through her example, she is providing hope to other single parents.
So, how can we create a spirit of optimism and give without going broke this holiday season? 
Here are a few thoughts to consider…..
We have become accustom to giving “THINGS.” The best gift any of us can give is our time, but who has any to spare!
It is, after all, the busiest time of the year.  I suggest utilizing the time that you do have.When you are with your clients, take
the time to really listen and hear what they have to say.While out running errands, take time to smile at a stranger or stop to hold
the door open for someones. These little acts of kindness are doing more than you think. It was found that those who perform small acts
of kindness have an increase in their psychological health by activating the release of dopamine, the feel-good neurotransmitter to the brain.
If you have a giving heart and find it difficult to say no, you can find yourself overworked, penniless, and miserable.
Not every homeless person needs your money, but perhaps there is one specific person who does.
This is where your intuition comes in. Trust that gut feeling, or spiritual guidance. Let it direct you, then listen and act.
You’ll not only save money, you’ll save your sanity.
Don’t feel the need to give every client a gift out of obligation. Instead, make a list of your top clients
and give them a special gift. This is your way of saying “Thank You” this holiday season.



    Friendly gift ideas your clients with love and so will
                                      your budget!
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